Data Analytics and AI

Privacy Agreement

Information Collection

When you use this community, we only automatically collected the id by your device default produced. Then you can set an username and an avatar as your account’s identity. The data will be uploaded to our servers to save until our stop supply service. When you composed any data on our application, the data also saved to our servers and saved by the same strategies.


Necessary essential

1- Network

2- Preference of language

2- Location of composed


Our promise

We possessed your data and never share your data to any third-institutes. Unless Hong Kong government need our help to support some information. If we found can’t to protect your data, we will sudden remove all data on our servers and to call the police at Hong Kong.


Privacy strategies statement

We promise all of your personal data has been saved with servers of Hong Kong. All data has been protected by the law of Hong Kong. Although some of our servers’ suppliers register with foreign regions. But we only be received managed by Hong Kong government. We check occasionally to each contract from our companies to confirm we can protect our users' data not be obtained by other governments or organizations. If the situation happened and we can’t continue to confirm our data is safe we will suddenly shut down and clear all services and data.